New Class: The Bard

  • Some of the discussion in this topic made me want to try my hand at a balanced, but also interesting class that focuses primarily on passive support.(I also tried not to go too fantasy but…yeaaah…) Not sure if I was successfully but here we go!

    We will begin with the primary which is what distinguishes this class the most from the others.

    The Bard’s primary will be an instrument of some sort. He will still be able to block with the Instrument(because this is both hilarious and awesome), but all three attacks will be replaced with music playing. While he is playing music, he will be treated the same as anyone swinging a weapon. He can cancel it with the feign key, but is vulnerable while performing the action. I’m kind of undecided about whether or not he should be able to Kick while the primary is out, but for now I’m going to say yes, he will be able to.

    Now here’s the fun gimmick. Utilizing the three attacks in different combinations, the bard will be able to provide different auras. The way I’m thinking this should work is that before any buff is applied, the bard must use the mouse actions 3 times.

    The very first action will determine what aura it is.

    Mouse 1: Slowest to perform. Boost to passive health recovery.
    Scroll Down: A bit quicker than Mouse 1. Boost to swing speed.
    Scroll Up: The fastest action. Boost to movement speed.

    The second action will determine it’s range.

    Mouse 1: Once again the slowest. Provides the largest range.
    Scroll Down: Second slowest. Medium range.
    Scroll Up: Fastest. Small range.

    The third will determine it’s duration.

    Mouse 1: Slowest. Around 3 second duration.
    Scroll Down: Second slowest. Around 2 second duration.
    Scroll Up: Fastest. 1 second duration.
    (Note: The reason for these short durations is because I think the auras should be applied in short bursts requiring the Bard to constantly be playing music.)

    And that covers the support mechanic. The last thing of note will probably be how the different primaries would be different, and the only way I can think of is either having them play music at different speeds at the cost of aura duration and/or range? The main problem with this is that there really wouldn’t need to be more than 3 primaries and that kind of breaks the consistency of 9 primaries per class. You’d just have a Speed Instrument, a Duration Instrument, and a Range Instrument.

    Anyway, since the primary is completely useless for actually fighting, I’m thinking his secondaries should include the light one-handers(Saber, Shortsword, etc). These will give him the ability to defend himself in a pinch, but will still prevent him from running around killing dudes on a whim.

    His Specials would probably only be the Smoke Pot and Throwing Knives. I don’t really like the idea of him having a shield with his secondary.

    For his health, I’m thinking he should be pretty squishy. Maybe the same as Archer or MAA. For his Speed, I feel it should be slower than an Archer, but faster than a Vanguard.

    Anyway, I personally feel the music playing adds a certain amount of strategy to the music playing(You’ll want to play the quicker shorter songs while closer to battle), while also engaging the player and making you slightly more than just a healbot.

    Lastly it contributes further to the excellent noise pollution which is pretty much Chivalry’s besterest feature ever.

  • Hell no! :D

  • oh good god no

  • Don’t get me wrong. I’m perfectly happy with the current dynamic of the four classes. I didn’t write this because I’m pushing for a support class. Nor do I have any unrealistic expectations about this idea. It was just something I wrote up because I could.

    But can you actually list any specifics that you dislike about my idea or are you just trying to make up for your insecurities and filling the meaningless void that is your existence with these INCREDIBLY WITTY attempts at humor?

    If it’s the latter, then LOLZ XDDD!!! GOOD ONE BROS! :D

  • A bard is even less thematically fitting than a cleric/monk/etc.

    Furthermore, it has the exact same gameplay problems as the previously suggested class, from balance concerns to passive gameplay.

    I would be fine with a class that looked overpowered on paper as long as it also looked interesting to play/play against - because the balance can always be worked out. Passive buffers are just not interesting, not even in an RPG. In a wholly action based game they have no place.

  • Also I think the out of place music coming from the bard on the battlefield would get very annoying. For friend and foe alike.

  • Dandelion 'bout to mess yo shit up!

  • 'Tis well thought out, but I can’t see it as official. It would be a really really good mod though.

    I like your name.

  • I would really really REALLY enjoy smashing a bard with my maul. I don’t want to ever see them in Chivalry, but if they managed to make it through some form of magic more evil than humans can comprehend, I would smash them with my maul and save the day for everyone!

    I guess if you want musical instruments to be weapons, just play that stupid Brutal Legend crap with Jackoff Black in it.

  • That guy is playing music, all of a sudden the my bone is fusing itself back together even FASTER!
    (i am not against health regen, just against bs new classes)

  • You don’t need a class for this. Setup a soundboard playing various music and songs, keep push to talk held down, and wait for kick.

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