FIX - Disconnect from Server 5-10 seconds after Joining

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    I have noticed a post in here and through the Steam Discussion Boards about some players experiencing some continual disconnecting from servers shortly after joining and they have also noted that there have been no solutions other than to type “Reconnect” in the console.

    This has also been a problem I experienced for about a year while playing another game, Red Orchestra 2. Both that and this game use the Unreal Engine 3 and Steam. Since I have resolved this problem a month or so ago while playing RO2, I have yet to see this problem appear in Chivalry, thus I would be safe to bet that the two problems are the same.

    Quick / Temp Solution:
    When you join a server, you must first wait until you are disconnected from the server. Doing this action before you disconnect will not fix the problem for some reason. The moment you start to see players walking in a straight path or stop doing anything at all…. you have been disconnected. Open up your console and type Reconnect and then press Enter. This will reload the server again, and for some reason, this fixes the problem. You can now play on that server for as long as you like. The moment you decide to join another server or disconnect from the current server for whatever reason, you will need to repeat the above process.

    Permanent Solution:
    The issue is not with the game exactly, nor is it with Steam or the Unreal Engine, but with the Modem you are using and a conflicting protocol found within the Modem/Router’s programming. For me, I am using a Thomson Modem.

    This is the solution found in the Tripwire Interactive Forums for Red Orchestra 2. Follow the link and the steps found in the post/video:

    [Fix] Losing connection within 60 seconds? Thomson / BT / etc routers … hp?t=67759

    …… and adjust that conflicting protocol in your modem as described. You will then completely fix this issue with Disconnecting. For me, the noted Username and Password listed in the video worked for my modem. This fix has not caused any problems with my internet, programs or any other games I play.

    If you do not want to go through the video and just want to jump right into the actual fix, below the video is a Spoiler Button you can open that will list off the procedure to follow.

    Let me know if this helps fix your disconnecting issues, or if you have other problems.


    For anybody needing to find the Command Prompt in Windows 8 (What I am on), the quickest way to find it on Win8 is to do the following:

    • On the Start Screen, just start typing “Command Prompt” and it will pop up real quick.

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