Random freeze, lock up and need to reboot

  • Hi Guys,

    Having an issue with this game, only just started appearing out of the blue recently.

    The game will randomly lock up, sound repeats rapidly as if the whole machine is not responding and eventually i need to reboot as the PC is unresponsive.

    Here are the log files if it helps. There was no dxdiag file in the folder > Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame only the launch log files.

    I have an AMD HD69070. Don’t have this issue in any other games.


  • Bump - This has been ongoing for a long time now, still no solutions, i have tried

    • using the beta
    • uninstalling/reinstalling AMD drivers from 12.6 up to latest, all of them don’t work
    • Changing Sound Cards
    • Upgrading to Win 7 Sp1
    • Using Window Mode
    • Verifying Cache/Deleting My Games folders
    • Forcelogflush parameter
    • Uninstalling C++ 2010 Redist

    PC is quite high end, don’t know what else i can do to stop these crashes.

  • I should mention, the game worked fine up until the first patch and then this happened. Sometimes the game recovers and it says “amd driver has stopped working and successfully recovered” but most of the time i have to reboot.

    I’ve tried all the suggestions after googling “amd driver has stopped working and successfully recovered” but nothing has helped.

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