Weird "overslots" problem

  • Heya,

    Been trying to run our Chivalry servers with 32slots, using TCAdmin2 as webpanel, but hitted quite interesting problem and this far havent find any solution for it.

    My problem is:

    When server is set from command line to be for example 32p server, in certain situations it overflows itself (too many players can join) and then tca2 kills the instance, because it thinks customer tries to spoof the system. This is a bit tricky one, since cmdline is set to 32p with 0 spectators, is ?MaxSpectators=0 working like in other UE3 based games at all? Also to be sure, ive set config file to be also 0 spectators and 32 players, but yet still i can see server filling out to 35 players at times. :o

    Whole command line is as follows, naturally all the niceties removed like this:
    UDK.exe AOCTO-Stoneshill_P?steamsockets -seekfreeloadingserver -maxplayers=32?MaxSpectators=0 -Port=7777 -QueryPort=27015

    Otherwise server launches perfectly, maps rotate like theyre supposed to run and its very stable for so new game BUT kinda spoils the feeling when this bug/feature/misconfiguration hits, advices&ideas are now badly needed here :(


  • I use TCAdmin too, unfortunately we have to wait for TB to patch it. It’s a complete and utter pain when the server is shut down forcefully because of it.

  • well actually its shut down because game allows too many connections, but good to hear that if its known bug and will be fixxed on next patch :)

  • Sounds like the TCAdmin is using the Steam Server Query to monitor the amount of players on the server, problem with that is if a player gets kicked from the server they will still show up in the connected player query response. Only way to clear them from that list seems to be a restart of the server.
    So only thing you can do atm is to restrict the kicking.

  • Nah it’s a bug in the game itself right now, causing anything querying the server (including the in game browser) to display players not even connected.

    The difference between TCAdmin and a normal server is that with TCAdmin, it enforces the slots for you. If you set a server to 32 players, and it goes to 33, it will close it down. Normal servers still go to 33 right now because of the bug, just that there’s nothing closing it down.

  • spectator count is not working all okay, and sometimes i think people can join into “lobby” without getting into battlefield itself, theyre queying of some sort. Thus TCA gets irritated by overcrowded server. Code should be that way that if maxplayers is 32, noone can join, unless spectators are allowed. What rcon does chivalry use, or what should be used to query the playercounts from game engine? Cause ive been using Half Life2 NEW and it works, but information is not all correct…

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