Low GPU usage scaling with player numbers

  • A quick read makes this issue seem kinda a common problem? Can run Far Cry 3 perfectly smooth but this…

    I am having issues with low fps with say more then 10 people in a game, any help or further info would be great, system is as follows:

    win7 64
    qx9650 @ 4ghz
    4870x2 drivers 12.3
    8gb patriot

    EDIT Update: GPU usage seems to drop with the number of people… down to ~ 20% usage and fps down to 15-20 from 50-60, so in a group, most swing animations are lost, ruining a otherwise fun and dynamic game. Is there a fix for this? I fear though its just poor optimization and that me and many people will probably be waiting for some time for a patch to make it playable with more then 5 in a fight.

  • Update Bump

  • noticed the same problem

    windows 7

    amd vision E-350 APU
    8gb of ram,

    running lowest res, and low settings, average about 20 frames in small group combat, anything over 10 players drops about 11 frames, this is bad for me seeing as how my laptop only runs it at about 25 average.

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