Not enough low ping servers

  • Untill recently I could always play on servers with around 40-50ping, which was great. Lately though I can only find like 3 or 4 servers with a ping below 120-150, and then most of them are password protected…

    What gives? I know Chivalry has recently become alot more popular, but surely that shouldn’t affect individual servers?
    The fault isn’t on my end since when I do go ingame on a low ping server my ping is always around 40.

    I live in Belgium by the way.

  • Did you get banned from servers?

    Try adjusting game speed in the filter (change to something else, then back to 100%).

  • I have been votekicked a couple of times, but I wouldn’t know if that also results in a permanent ban? I do end up first or second place more often than not, so that causes some resentment and people just vote ‘yes’ for the hell of it.

    Here a screenshot of my filter settings. The same ones I always use in games.
    As you can see there are no servers with enough people playing below 100 ping… :/

  • Those three servers are all unofficial servers. My suspicion is that you have been banned from official servers, but you’ll have to check with mods for that.

    Then again it may just be a server browser issue, and there may be some helpful threads in Support forum regarding that.

    Try connecting directly to some GB servers listed on this page: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=7082

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