Sidestrafing Rant

  • Nowadays everyone seems to sidestrafe to my blindside and after I parry their attacks. They somehow mysteriously dodge my weapon and cheap shot my side. Why is combat like this? Why are they able to gain the advantage and score a free hit simply by running my side and dodge my counterattack? I should be the one with the advantage because I parried their attack therefore theortically knocking them off balance but no, they simply sprint to my side and kill me.

  • Sprint along and you will be fine, if you have not increased input sensitivity yet, I recommend doing that too.

  • Improve your aiming. If an enemy doesn’t parry while I’m throwing out a counter attack, I’d just chase them with the blade and hit them anyway, unless they are MAA and dodge completely out of my range.

  • That’s just how it is in PC mouse/keyboard gaming - you need reflexes and you need to learn how to move. Parrying and dodging involves a lot more than hitting a single button.

  • Sounds like good footwork to me. :S

    Dodging attacks and slashing at the enemy’s exposed side is kind of a big thing in Medieval combat?

    Chiv isn’t one of those games where you just sit looking at eachother, clanging weapons together.

    Kick can work well to knock an enemy back and give you a bit of time to re-orient yourself.

  • No kidding. TURN YOUR MOUSE.

    Oh damn, that’s a simple countermeasure to them walking to your side. How simple.

  • Once you learn weapon ranges you won’t need to parry attacks as much. This allows you to sprint in for counter attack which is far more successful.

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