IDEA - Team damage rework (prevent Greiver/Troll)

  • Short and simple - Only allow players to take team damage while they are in combat.
    This way people won’t be able to spawn attack, yet there will still be collateral damage that you would normally see people deal to allies, but usually only by mistake in the frey of combat which I think is a good idea to leave in. If people want to attack teammates still and greif, they will at LEAST be open to attack by opposing forces.

    Only Issues I can really see that might arise with this change -

    Archer / Xbow damage not damaging allies when it should, if they are firing through combat at another ally some distance behind the frey.

    Stuff like firebombs may have strange interactions with people entering / leaving combat.

    What do you guys think? :D

  • The whole game is combat, and not to mention your idea brings a whole pile of bugs concerning phasing.


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