Official servers being hijacked

  • Today 3 consecutive official servers have been hijacked by players who have banned together to kick off anyone joining happens within seconds of joining.

  • If you see this, report it to the moderators. They have a Steam group you can access (this is posted on forums). Reporting these players will get them in trouble and they will get spanked/grounded/put in time-out.

  • Yup, if anyone starts being arses with the system, join the Steam group and give us a shout, (have proof though), then we can come on and ban em. :)

    Only with Official servers though of course.

  • This is good to know. It happened to me yesterday on an official ffa server when I was winning, I saw them kick off another guy too in the top slot. Pretty petty, if you ask me.


    Also, when I’m available, I tend to go in the chat room (the only one!), so pop in there and get a hold of me if something comes up.

  • I have seen clan glitter do this on official eu ping servers, they held 2 servers on lockdown. They came into a third server I was on now with nice names like N-word butt etc and after they started shouting the n word a few times we all voted them off the server.

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