Groups and Guilds

  • In Chivalry there should be groups you can make, when you make a group you can name it. You can let other people join and you can invite people.

  • There already are clans…

    You trollin’ bro?

  • He’s probably talking about something more “in game”, like in an MMORPG or something.

  • Over 1,159,000 men and women served in the Canadian Armed Forces during the Second World War (1939-1945); 44,093 lost their lives.
    Also check this out … istics.asp

    Perhaps if the poster was named Osama bin Laden responsible for the 911 Twin Towers? or Just named
    Al-Qaeda? You might actually look at this in the way it needs to be looked at? Kimiko and Remixx

    As for this response by BobT36 » Sat Dec 29, 2012 12:59 am reguarding earlier post by Adolf.
    Although this thread has gone way off-topic (which is probably why someone locked it), this is through the actions of those posting, as OP’s post was actually sincere.??

    The username may be in bad taste, but isn’t illegal, nor has he directly flamed anyone or broken forum rules. The Internet is full of “distasteful” things, although WW2 etc was horrible, this is simply a bit of text on an internet forum, sometimes a tad thicker skin can help, otherwise you’ll find yourself enraged at everything. Many games and other mediums have a “hitler” in them, should they be outright banned also? I don’t believe in such censorship.

    That is to say, if the OP goes making jokes around it that are geared towards directly trolling people, action will be taken. :P Otherwise if posts are on topic, it is just a name, simple as.
    Keep things clean, sincere and on-topic guys.

    As for BotT36 saying things like simply a bit of text on an internet forum or a tad thicker skin can help. Perhaps BotT36 could address an army barracks I know of were they are very interested in meeting him to explain this. The Idea a person named Adolf Hitler could be considered sincere in anyway is a real concern BobT36. BotT36 If that person was named a terrorist to do with some act of Terror on the USA would you be so bold to defend his name on this board?

    If TB were to loose its status amongst the powers that be such as Steam and kickstarter not to mention the Indie award win this year. Do not be surprised as they do not support racists.
    Allowing a user to have that name on such a large portal of internet users related to gaming
    is a dangerous area tbh.

    This is not really about your bruised ego’s or challenging your power at this site but actually
    looking at this in the way it needs to be considered and its consequences.

    If the Press , Politicians, Ex-service communities , or other bodies became involved in this matter,
    you would really be surprised at just how fast and quick a public backlash could rise.

    Get Steve Piggott to respond to your responses on this board.
    It is also of concern that some of your very ancestors could have died in WW2 as a result of Adolf Hitlers reign of Terror. The world was at War and they fought for you.

  • Out of nowhere, Adolf Hitler censorship bot.

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