90fps or 500fps?

  • I have a 670GTX OC’d with a 3570k@ 4.8Ghz. When I set my settings in the UDKEngine.ini like so:


    I get about 400-500fps. However, all of the guides out there are telling me to set bSmoothFrameRate to FALSE to help with mouse issues but that will lock me at 90fps.

    What should I do?

  • I get capped at 90 fps without smoothing as well, that’s really weird

  • Indeed. I get 500fps in some spots. I am trying to figure out which would be better to play at.

  • Very best option is to lock fps limit in the same ammout of your monitor refresh rate. So if you have LCD its something like 60fps. Even you have 500 fps in game its wont change anything becouse you still see only 60fps becouse of your monitor maximum refresh rate. So geting 500 fps its just a waste of energy becouse pc need more power to get 500 fps rather than 60fps.

  • What I’ve noticed, and don’t fully understand is that, when capped at the default 60fps on my 60hz monitor(I would always be at 60fps in game) I had a very noticeable mouse input delay. Uncapping my FPS to 120(usually above 90-100 in game) the mouse lag is completely gone.

  • So do you use bSmoothFrameRate=True?

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