Completely random crashing issues…..

  • After owning the game just a little over 3 days, I am experiencing two very annoying bugs. The first one been that at seemingly random the game will crash. After restarting I will A. crash before team selection or B. I will randomly crash a little after joining the match. The second bug always happens after the first, after been luckily enough to get into a match without crashing i will always lose connection (cannot sprint, people walk forward permanently). I tried about 4 different severs, all lost connection within a few minutes.

    I managed to resolve it once by deleting the folder in Documents/my games/Age of chivalry. A while after fixing it the whole cycle started again. I can not seem to pinpoint the cause of this bug as for the past 3 days the game had worked flawlessly. I have tried the basic fixes: Windowed mode, launching directly from the UDK.exe, Verifying cache files and to no avail.

    I would appreciate if someone could help me out here, really annoyed as I was just getting the hang of the game and having some real fun with it.

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