• Hello. I’d like to ask the Chivalry staff if there’s any chance of introducing TPP view as an alternative?

  • With a TTP view it would become rather difficult to use precision strikes with the knights body in the way. but I will leave it up to the Devs to give an official answer.

  • Developer

    There is a chance of it happening… Nothing official yet but we’re looking into it.

  • A third person game type would be nice… Like, with a weapon that doesn’t require much precision… maybe axes or something along those lines :)

  • Not too sure if third person would work too well.

    A game like mount and blade works ok with third person because the attacks are very static and preset, you swing overhead, left, right, or stab, each with a corresponding block action, Chivalry seems to be a bit more precise in it’s attack and block actions, so I can’t see it working very well.
    Not only that but what makes Chivalry as popular as it is, is that it is first person.

    Looking at mount and blade again, players who play in 3rd person tend to have the advantage over those in first person, purely because they have a larger view of what is going on, and they have a better perseption of what a player is about to do as they can generally see the entire body, not just the upper body.
    Try and play Mount and Blade Warband in first person mode against skilled players or bots, and you will know what I mean.

    I say no to third person.

  • I’m glad that staff think about it. I know that fighting mechanichs in mount&blade were not very complicated and TPP worked there well. I just hope that it will appear nevertheless. It’s just my favorite kind of view in that kind of games.

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