Server disappears from favorites if name changes

  • The title says it all…

    Favorite servers seem to be tied to the name of the server as opposed to the IP.

    I was wondering if this was going to be changed in the upcoming patch? I like to change the theme once in a while and I keep loosing my regulars if I change the name. Seems kind of silly to not have it be tied to the server ip.

    I searched the forums and couldn’t find anything else posted about this and I was curious if anyone else noticed. Pretty minor issue I know…

    Maybe I could ask a help question or two while I’m here:

    I’m not sure if I’m logging in as an admin properly. I use adminlogin but I seem to lose admin status every time the next game starts. Is there another, more permanent, way to login as an admin for my gaming session? It’s a multiplay rented dedicated server, if that matters.

    I had trouble booting a nuisance player the other day. He used alt codes in his name and after 30 minutes of researching it on the internet I gave up trying to reproduce the symbols and finally restarted the server. Is there an easier way to kick/ban someone than typing their full name?

    Thanks for your time!


  • Hello

    for adminlogin you have no choice to do every map change for the moment.

    for kicks there easier

    adminlogin ……
    in the console

    get the list of players

    adminkick after the number of the player

  • Thanks for the info! I was originally told (by Multiplay)I had to type their full name. Man that’s a lot easier. Will give it a shot.

  • To be fair to multiplay - that’s how it WAS

    you can also do ‘adminkick <start of="" nick="">’ then the console will display all “like” names, “Confirm <id>” if you can remember the start of their nick… or they’re generally being a problem via chat interface ;)


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