We need a FAQ

  • There are many obvious questions I dont know yet but must get asked a lot e.g.

    Like how do you unlock the special items.

    Then there are things that I figured out like

    You must play on an official server to get your weapons upgraded for kills.

    Anyway we really need to compile all these into a sticky FAQ

  • Not really - it doesn’t address the two sample questions I posted.

  • Other than the dev Q&A a player/mod based all-in-one q&A topic would help a lot to new comers

  • I think what he’s trying to say is that he thinks its a good idea to make a FAQ thread, he’s not asking for help. Also IMO I think that’s a great idea cause when I first got this game I had no idea how to do anything.

  • Perhaps we can get one piled together.

    If people want to start posting questions you think the general public would ask, that would be great.


  • Q: hurr durr how u unlock weapons?!?!1!1
    A: Well that’s quite a nice question young lad! When on the weapon selection screen you may notice rows of weapon that are similar to each such as axes, swords, maces. You may also notice a blues area with a number on it over a weapon you haven’t unlocked quite yet. That number indicates however many kills you need to get with that weapon class to progress and unlock the next.
    Q: But Sir Rectum Raider I hate (insert weapon here) can I just use the weapon before it to unlock the last in its class?!?!!?11?!
    A: Hohoho! Why yes you little rascal you can indeed! In fact when I was unlocking the spear class if weapons for the vanguard I discovered that the fork (IMO) was a steaming pile of dung so I used the first spear to unlock the last weapon, the Brandistock!

  • You can’t unlock any special weapons - the “locked weapons” in the third category for Archer are just the special weapons you can use with another primary. I.E. with Crossbow you get Pavaise shield, with Bow you get arrow types, and with Javelin you get a buckler.

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