I Love this game BUT !

  • Shield are not op right now or am wrong hehe ?

    they can block everything it fine since shield are made for this but they should break at sometime like those guy with shield and crossbow….

  • If you are refering to the pavise shield, it breaks, it has 300 health.

  • Not the most eloquent of posts but yes shields are overpowered.

  • I’m going to have to disagree. First, because shields receive a knockback when an attack lands. Second, because they seem to be very unreliable in comparison to a parry. I can stab around a shield with a broad/norse sword all day long, and people to it to me continually as well.

  • am talking about the vanguard shield and knight shield stab them ? lol if you 1 vs 1 him i dont think you can get behind him and also that knockback is nothing it should have 300 hp like that other guy said

  • It’s pretty easy to defeat a shielder, you just jump and do an overhead slash to hit them. They rarely see what’s coming since the shield takes up so much screenspace, in thirdperson however, there are no such penalty, but that’s the problem with that whole perspective, it’s cheap and unbalanced.

  • You have to adjust your strategy when going against a shield. You just can’t horizontal slash all the time.

    Try jumping and hitting them with an overhead. Side strafe left and stab where their shield isn’t. My personal favorite is to start side strafing left, feint a horizontal attack to get them to bring up their shield, and then perform another horizontal attack or an overhead on their left side. Since they have their shield up, it’s hard for them to see this and react.

  • or you could just kick, lol

  • Shields are not OP at all, I even think they are a bit underpowered, only thing I ever use shield for is to counter missiles.

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