How Counter Shield player ?

  • am a knight 2h sword user but i have a hard time fighting player using shield how to counter them ?

  • Use their limited vision to your advantage, get aggressive and get close to attack around their shield. Stabs on the right and jumping overheads work pretty good when mixed up with kicks. You could also try baiting using whiffed attacks or getting blocked out of range to get them to act. Really it depends on what the shield player does.

    It’s easier to fight them with a secondary though, since faster attacks are easier to reach around effectively with, and overheads start coming from the left giving you more mixup options.

  • There are many methods to get around a shield. One way is to simply run around them on the right side, such that the end of your sword swing catches them on the back. This is especially effective if the other person has trouble turning around quickly.

    Another option is to switch to your secondary weapon, then kick them and swiftly attack while they’re off balance.

    A third option is to try to trick them into lowering their guard. This is how I get most of my kills on turtlers. Faint that you’re going to attack (hit q before the attack) and then do a real attack. If they don’t fall for it try fainting twice in a row.

    The easiest way to take care of a shield turtle is to stick with your team mates so that you can simply flank him. If you and your ally get on either side of him there’s nothing he can do and he’s pretty much guaranteed to die.

  • Easiest way: Play on 3rd Person Disabled server.

  • Some ‘ok’ tips here but they are too general. Here are some more specific ideas.

    1. Kick > Feint > Attack
    Somebody already suggested kick and attack but any decent player will block after a kick. It is hard to get an attack in fast enough after a kick. The solution is simple.

    Kick the player, feint a stab and then overhead him.

    After you kick you opponent will reflexivley block. If you feint he will usually then drop his shield, at which point yo get an easy overhead.

    2. Face Hug Him
    The most annoying thing you can do to a shielded opponent is to face hug him. The shield blocks a lot of the screen area so when you are face hugging it becomes almost impossible for him to see what you are doing. If you are face to face, he has his shield raise, he won’t know if you are stabbing, overheading or slashing.

    3. Hit His Right Side
    By default the shield protects the middle of your opponents body and the left side. Your opponents right side is his weakest side.

    Your slash will always high his left. So a good shield player will almost always block a slash. If you are facing each other a stab will always hit center mass. A good shield player will almost always block a center mass stab.

    So what do you do?…

    …Overhead always hits the right side. So overhead is one of the most effective attacks against a shielded player. Especially if you strafe to your left and then overhead. The drawback of overheads is that they are slow.

    This is where a right stab comes in. If you strafe to your left you should be able to stab his right side. To protect against a right stab your opponent must swing his shield all the way to his right. Most shielded players rarely swing all the way right.

    Combine and Conquer
    If you combine face hugging with overhead and right stab you will own shielded players. So the basic idea is this…

    Step 1: Come in close and face hug.
    Step 2: Move to your opponents right side (strafe slightly left)
    Step 3: Overhead > block > right stab > block > right stab > block

    Hope this helps.

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