My ideas

    1. Improve design, proportion, colors and animations of the fighters. This is by far the first thing to improve the game, as it appears to be like games from 10 years ago. For me the fighter looks like more as a toy than a man.

    2. Improve and polish some existent scenarios before to create new ones. The thing is not to have thousand of scenarios, but a few well designed. Curiously the best scenario is also the one who I can not play decently due to the lack of framerates. Some other scenarios present an inadequate sort of textures, and others a very poor lighting. Think about the historical moment when design scenarios.

    3. This game needs Polishing Nvidia 3D Vision compatibility. Most Unreal 3 engine games are totally compatible with 3D Vision, but Chivalry renders wrong shadows, wrong water, and other minor wrong details that make it impossible to play in 3D.

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