Remember Weapon Configurations?

  • Just got the game and I think it’s great so far.

    One little quibble (and if it’s been said before… shrug)

    I would dearly love if the game could remember my class weapon configurations. I find that it’s a bit of a waste of time when changing classes to have it always revert to the default configuration rather than what I was using last. Perhaps I only wanted to change my primary weapon or maybe my shield. Instead I have to change all three boxes each time.

    A simple problem (an annoyance, really) but one I hope can be solved.


  • This is very true. It would be great if the game remembered your last used weapon configuration, especially when you’re only bringing up the class menu to change one individual weapon and the whole thing just reverts to default.

    It’s particularly frustrating because if you don’t select your weapons before the respawn timer goes out, you have to wait an extra 15 seconds to spawn. That’s another thing. Is that on purpose or is that a bug?

  • I don’t mind it. The lack of configurations gives me the good ol’ Counter Strike buy screen vibe. Since I use only a few configurations all the time, it takes me only 2-3 seconds to click the right ones and get ready. I won’t reject the introduction of presets, but I don’t find it anywhere near important.

  • +1, annoys me

  • Agreed, not a huge deal once you are used to it forgetting but it is a minor annoyance.

  • I’d love it too. You could eliminate the setup period at the beginning of rounds with this simple option, which seems to confuse people sometimes who mistake friendly spars at the start with actual TKing. I’m a fan of smoothing out processes anyway and taking out a 10 second period of nothing in favor of just remembering your preferred setup is way better, but I’m sure Torn Banner had a reason for doing things this way.

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