When is the next phase of beta?

  • I just made this topic because really (like REALLY)want know when is the next phase of beta(I also really want to play this awesome looking game) and if you are going to expand it to other players :D


    P.S: sorry for my english, im french !

  • I agree, even any vague date would stop me flooding these forums every day with refreshes :D

  • You aren’t refreshing enough, the forum needs more refresh fuel, get your fingers on the F5 keys men!

    It would be nice to know, but i’m patient. Whether I get to play the testing versions or not.

  • I was watching a friend of mine (knightfall) play and we were jotting down issues etc. This game looks so good, and it makes me super eager to take it for a test drive myself!

  • This game looks very interesting. I’d sure like to put it to the test! I mean test it. :P

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