Random performance drops

  • I started practicing with some bots yesterday when I bought the game, and no matter what my settings or how many bots I have, the game tends to have random frame rate drops after a few minutes of play. I have my power options set to high performance, and I have my CPU set to use 100% at all times in my power settings, but it still starts to lag heavily for 5-10 seconds every minute or so. It runs smooth for the rest of that time, but it has these massive drops, and if I run the game with CPU-Z, I can see that my core speed is dropping down to 1300MHz right when the lag starts. Does anyone have any idea how I can keep my CPU running at full to actually get a playable performance out of the game?

    I’m playing on an Acer Aspire 4551G
    My graphics card is a Radeon 6550m
    My processor is an Intel I5 480m, 2.67GHz

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