DLC that I would love to buy

  • Hi DEV team,

    I must say that I love this game, Good job in making it the best medieval game out here.

    I would like to support this game and it’s future growth. One DLC that I would love to get and I believe it could be a good win is:

    The Japanese warrior DLC pack.

    The story:
    Mason and Agatha war has been going for awhile and they are running out of troops. With a recent discovery of Japan, Mason and Agatha has both made allies with some of the Japanese Clan and managed to bring in some mercenaries.

    New Class to choose from:
    The Japanese Samurai !

    Samurai swords, the Katana.
    Samurai Spear, the Yari or naginata.
    Samurai Bow, the Yumi (longbow).
    Samurai Club, Ararebo.

    New Maps:
    Japanese castle and landspace!

    It would be interesting to see japanese medieval vs europe medieval weapons.

    I hope this idea make sense and interesting enough for the DEV

  • Samurai won’t be apart of the main game or DLC. I suggest you look to player mods like this: viewtopic.php?f=51&t=3067.

    I am closing this topic before the pitchforks and torches come for another “OMG SAMURAI” post.

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