Formation Idea

  • I’ve had this idea bouncing around my head for a while, so I’ll throw it out there for some feedback. Adding a mechanic that gives tangible bonuses for maintaining a formation. Shieldwall with 4 players minimum with their shield up = defensive bonus of some sort, perhaps being immune to flinch so that a kick is needed to break up the shield line. Obviously once you put your shield down the bonus no longer applies.

    Vanguard spear wall would grant some kind of offensive bonus, perhaps movespeed or a reduction on the capped mousespeed while attacking?

    Archers in formation could have faster reload or more arrows in exchange for having to be “entrenched” i.e. they’re set up and have a stash of arrows instead of their personal quivers, perhaps this could be tied in with Pavise shield changes to make it more useful. Set up a little wall and grant the bonus to any archer behind it.

    All these formations break when the line is broken, either through bad positioning or enemy interference. I was imagining a visual cue to help things out, like a small green outine that links to teammate’s outline that then goes red when you’re out of position. Think of the indicator circles under your units in a strategy game, that’s what I mean, and when your linked personal outlines form a nice line you get the bonus. This doesn’t have to be visual of course, but could be how the game tracks whether or not the bonus is applied, I just figured it would be helpful to be able to see something like that especially for first-person players.

    Would probably be rather difficult to implement, but seems like a nice teamwork thing and a reason to stick together with a cohesive unit that needs to coordinate movement and watch friendly fire. Thoughts?

  • I absolutely love this idea! Although it would seem to be difficult to implement, it would create a much larger depth to the game. This idea would be fantastic in the competitive scene as well. Many more strategies and such would be tested. My only criticism is getting 3+ pubbers to work together by forming an attack/defense position is almost impossible!

  • Pretty much any kind of coordination is impossible in pubs, even sensible things like “Go for Treb 3 first, it’s the hardest to get” go ignored whether or not you explain the merits. I just struggle to think of real specifics for the bonuses that wouldn’t be completely overpowered, but the general suggestions I included seem alright to me. Mostly the knight bonus since the shield wall itself is the point of the formation, but the bonus could also be a further reduction in stamina required to block while in the shield wall so that it’s easier to maintain it.

  • I think the devs already said no to this. SKIP TO 5:24

  • Why not get 3-4 Knights together and see what happens. It could be good already anyway?

  • @adamcel6:

    I think the devs already said no to this. SKIP TO 5:24

    Yeah I remember that and it’s a fair point, but without any incentive to actually work together, people just chase the kill. Something built-in to encourage teamplay would be great, but there doesn’t have to be gameplay-altering bonuses. Then again, what else is a sufficient draw? Assists counting towards weapon unlocks is a nice step that I’ve seen suggested, but I like the idea of seeing some actual strategy out there instead of the mindless melee.

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