Question about custom key binds

  • I was wondering if it was possible in this game to bypass the voice command menus and simply make a custom bind that activates specific voice commands with a single button press. For example, to bind “b” to “laugh”.

    Furthermore, is it possible to set a custom key bind which prints a message to the chat window? I’m afraid that feature isn’t available because it could be used to spam the chat, but I would really like to have some Shakespearean insults available for those opportunities that it’s appropriate. Nothing solidifies a victory like calling your opponent a “wayward fat-kidneyed knave”.

    Finally, is it possible to create a list of predetermined phrases which I can cycle through by pressing a button? It’s rather simple to do in team fortress 2 by simply incrementing a variable each time I press the button and having the displayed message be based on that variable, but I have no idea if such things are even possible in this game engine.

  • I also want to know how!

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