Parry Animation Fix Suggestion

  • Currently most weapons when you parry constantly, the animation that plays does not finish before you can parry again, its a bit confusing especially with weapons with prolong parrying animations such as the dagger and basically all two-handed weapons (and it feels like poor design). What I’m suggesting is that all parrying animations should last as long as the parrying lasts. This can be achieved by speeding up the animation for all weapon parries to the appropriate speed.

    Also why does the dagger have the most unnecessary parry animation, its like the animation itself last for a whole second while the parry itself only lasts 0.5 seconds.

  • There’s an active parry animation and a parry recovery animation, just like weapons have a recovery animation after an attack. You can’t do anything while in recovery, so I personally feel it would be more confusing for the player to be apparently idle without the ability to attack or parry.

  • Hmm, if you mean when the character raises his arm (to block), thats the activate parry animation and where he lowers it is the recovery animation (its done as right as it could for the broadsword line of weapons) however for other weapons, you may block again during its “recovery animation” because the animation is too slow perhaps. If you have the 1 handed sword and spam parry, you’ll see the animation finishes with good timing, however with the two-handed swords, you can parry again or begin an attack during the animation.

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