Extremely low FPS, good laptop

  • My laptop is on high performance and can handle other games such as Half Life and L4D2 on high settings, yet on Chivalry, it runs so bad it is unplayable, even on the tutorial with settings on minimal. I’ve looked through the forums and none of the issues I’ve read about concern me with the specs I have. Is there something I can do or is my laptop really incapable of playing Chivalry? I posted attachments with my specs and what systemrequirementslap.com says.

  • No, thats not a good laptop, minimum cpu speed is 2.4 Ghz your’s is only 1.5. How old is that pc? Just curious lol. haven’t seen a cpu clock that low for years.

  • You have an older low-mid end laptop. Battery settings mean very little ultimately, outside of some slight FPS boosts; negligible at best really.

    Valve has relatively low-requirement games; neither the HL series of the L4D series require much in the way of graphics cards and CPUs. They’re also using the source engine, which I won’t get into, which is relatively low intensive but still fairly powerful.

    In comes Chivalry. I too run a potato; I too suffered from poor FPS (I still suffer from comparatively poor FPS, but 18-24 is much better and capable of combat than 8). Frankly the in-game settings don’t really cut it, after all this is an Unreal engine game. Their INI files are significantly more detailed in terms of settings than the graphics settings provided through the in-game menu.

    Here is what you should do:
    First off, lower your resolution. 720x480 isn’t pretty but you’ll see a fair boost of FPS there alone.

    Not working well enough yet? Follow the ‘Running Chivalry on Potato’ guide. (If you purchased the game through steam, it will be in your steamapps directory, not my documents.)

    Also, SYS Req. Labs rarely provide truly accurate results, but very rough guidelines. I’ve had games it tells me I couldn’t play, well play, and games it says I met the fast specs for cripplingly slow.

    Happy Shanking

  • Thank you guys so much hahah. Surprisingly this laptop is relatively new I believe and it’s not a gaming laptop but for the low mid price I got it for($550) it can handle a decent amount of things. Btw if you wanted to know Madhouse it’s a Lenovo Ideapad z575. And thanks Moobah, I will try that.

  • if you’re running internal GPU, hope you disabled that and are just relying on your seperate GPU in your laptop instead

  • Could you perhaps tell me how to do that? ^

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