Have you considered free to play?

  • I was just curious. This game will probably have a very niche audience, and I don’t imagine it would get that much better even if the game were priced reasonably. I think it would be win-win if you went about implementing a free-to-play model. Here are some ideas I had in mind.

    • Statistics, Achievements, and Match Medals. (I used to love combing through the medals awarded after each match in Bad Company 2. These weren’t permanent achievements. You could get them over and over each match, and duplicates would be tallied up on your profile page.)

    • Progression System. (Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad did this. Using a weapon increased your experience with that weapon. You would sight in faster, recoil faster, control the sway or recoil better, and so on. The benefits were (at-least intended, I never got up to high-level play to see) small so as not to be too advantageous. It was still interested and made you feel attached to your weaponry.

    • Cosmetic Items. Maybe someone would like a different model for their pole axe. Maybe someone prefers a broadsword with a fancy handguard. Unique variants could exist too that could keep track of decapitations, how many limbs have been chopped off, how many enemies have been burned, and so on. These variants could even provide unique killing blow animations and/or taunts.

    • Customization. The idea I had in mind was being able to create a custom “crest” that could be applied to the front of a shield or plate of armor. Hell, maybe there could be a unique flag item that could display the crest that you could stake in the ground at the beginning of the match that shared the color of your team.

    • Themed DLC. Imagine a pack that let you play as a Highlander with a stylized outfit and claymore? What if your character even had his own unique accent? Imagine if you could play as a Viking berserker as well poking enemies left and right with something resembling Gungnir. I’m not sure if these ideas are too extreme or out of context. After all, this game is called medieval warfare and not knights only warfare.

    Take these ideas with a grain of salt. The substance of this thread is the question: Have you considered free-to-play?

  • We have considered free-to-play and we have considered that it isn’t quite viable for us for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare right now. It is something that we will look into the future though for future games.

  • Ungh, F2p, god no. F2P means micro transactions and micro transactions in most cases mean pay to win or grind like a madman to unlock anything and I really haven’t seen a F2P game which can support itself with only cosmetic upgrades.
    The only game IMO pulled off F2P good is Team Fortress 2 which got free just recently.
    It’s better to pay a full price once for the full package than to be constantly nickled and dimed.(as if you don’t already get that with AAA titles with their DLC, sigh)

  • Please don´t go F2P! Instead I hope you offer a pre-order combined with beta-testing very soon (just like Natural Selection 2 did)!

    Hopefully you find a good average price for the pre-order, so I can afford it ;) (and again looking to Natural Selection 2…)

  • @Pepi:

    pay to win

    Exactly free to play=pay to win, look at tribes for example.

  • Instead of being one-poor-polish-bastard, that would have to pay A LOT (even if price would seem to be low for You all european guys), i am against F2P.

    And there is one reason for that. Reward those guys for their awesome, hard work. Let them have cash (and time thanks to that) for making more games, better games, TRUE games, not just some crappy noob-oriented sh*t.

    Torn Banner - good manner… for making games.

  • @Pepi:

    really haven’t seen a F2P which can support itself with only cosmetic upgrades.

    Dota 2?

  • @Forgottenmind:


    pay to win

    Exactly free to play=pay to win, look at tribes for example.

    What? Have you even played that game? Tribes: Ascend is a perfect example of a F2P game that DOES NOT allow players to gain advantage by paying money. Each and every weapon can be unlocked for free by simply playing the game. The only items that can be acquired only by buying them are skins, which are purely cosmetic. I played T:A for a couple of months without paying a penny and I had no problems with reaching great results.

    As for Chivalry, I wouldn’t mind it to be F2P but seeing the recent improvements in the quality I’d say that a standard retail model is indeed better in this case.

  • If you need to pay money at Tribes you need to play more cause you don´t know how to play or something. I have never pay a cent and I´m always above the eighth position, sometimes at the top three if I´m having luck with the enemies. Ofc people who pay have first all the new stuff but after a productive afternoon of addiction you can get whatever you want.

    Kind of sad about that game, none of my friends liked it so I stopped playing :(

    I prefer CMW not to be a free-to-play, I think it doesn´t fit the game. It has to be a serious game and F2P always seem to me a little bit for second class games.

  • I think that a free to play system is good if the developers know how to balance the stuff that you can get with money versus the stuff you can get by in game grinding.

    I just purchased the game and I can see a model of f2p that could be easily implemented.

  • It’s probably too late in development to consider a F2P model now, considering the amount of work they’d have to put into cosmetics and other buyables. That’s the major drawback of the F2P model (when it’s done right - when it’s done wrong the major drawback is it’s just terrible and whoever invests the most money wins), it forces you to put time and assets into things that aren’t essential to core gameplay, which is very hard for an indie team to do since they’re likely funding their own game and stretched thin even as far as covering the essentials.

    That said, F2P does seem to be the future of online gaming. At this point the majority of games that previously had or would have had monthly subscriptions are instead going F2P, and of course several major titles like Dota2 and Tribes: Ascend use the model even though they’re in genres that would usually be B2P rather than P2P.

    Also, there’s always crowdsourcing, as a bit of a compromise between B2P and P2P that brings us cheaper games funded by donations of how much you think the game is worth. Kickstarter and the Humble Indie Bundles have so far shown that this model works about as well as traditional models while being far more accessible to small development teams.

    I can see a F2P or crowdsourced first person medieval action MMORPG developed by Torn Banner some time far down the road, after their first few breakout hits propel them to stardom 8-)

  • I have played Tribes Ascend, and it is some what well balanced. Probably the best game I have ever played that does not give premium players a huge fighting advantage over free players is World of Tanks. I am looking forward to getting Chivalry.

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