Super Robot Taisen/Wars is cool!

  • Does anyone here knows about or plays any of the Super Robot Wars series? Since the only ones Banpresto officially released in English were Super Robot Wars Original Generation(2) on the Gameboy Advance. Great game really, it was even an anime series created about the Original Generation series (Divine Wars and The Inspectors, based on the 1st and 2nd game respectively).

    Apparently from what I heard, the reason why Banpresto stopped releasing English versions of the game is because the first two (OG1 and OG2) didn’t sell well. Maybe its because they were released in NA in 2006, and by that time the GBA was out-dated and was being succeeded by the Nintendo DS. Another reason why Banpresto stopped releasing English versions is because apparently the “American” (or non-Japanese) gamer deem these games as too “complex”. One more reason was that due to copyright laws as that in other Super Robot Wars titles contain elements from other franchises series such as Gundam and Code Geass, and that Banpresto must gain permissions to release games outside of Japan.

    Also I must note that Original Generations is a line of Banpresto’s Original characters and story. So there are no Gundams and stuff.

    For those who do not know what Super Robot Wars is, you should probably for one, find the game (being abstract) and then play it. For those who are familiar to the gameplay of “Advanced Wars” on the GBA would find both games to be similar, as both are turn-based strategy games. However Super Robot Wars has quite the RPG system, with characters leveling and upgrading.

    If you do start playing Super Robot Wars, you won’t regret it, it is honestly a rare gem for the GBA (Characters, Storyline and Gameplay is excellent!) 8-) .

    Also in my signature every day I will change the link on the bottom to different music from the Super Robot Wars series.

    Prepare for Heavy Claymores! <- Not the sword.

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