Possible silly maps/Crossover maps

  • Now, as much as I love the brutality of Chivalry. I do enjoy the music in the throne room map, it just seems so out of place and….hilarious. So what if people made maps that are so absurd and out of place for the game that it’s just point blank hilarious? Or what about crossover maps with other well-known games? I know entire servers on Counter strike, Team Fortress 2 and so on dedicated to crossovers with other games.

    For example, Windfall island from The legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. Complete with music. Enjoy a stroll on the beach, decapitating enemy players as you go. Go shopping in the market…for blood! And so on.

    I also reckon that the Legend of zelda village map from TF2 would also be good, similar idea. Or the various 8-bit Mario and Megaman maps dotted around it.

    Hm, if the game used steam source I could probably just convert the maps over myself but it uses the UDK. :<

  • That is the beauty of modding tools/ SDK being released for any game. Masterpieces are created and some really fantastic crossovers are made as well. Unfortunately we have to deal the the horrible/boring/repetitive custom maps as well. Especially when some servers think they are so good they run the map 24/7.

  • Myeah, that is an issue. But at the end of the day, there might be some people who love a map so much they don’t mind. I know I played a lot of 2fort and Degroot Keep on TF2 on 24/7 servers.

  • Yea, it does come down to opinion, an if i recall those were 2 good maps. Havnt played TF2 ina while. But yea, the custom maps for this game will be just as awesome as they were for AOC.

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