Couple of ideas that need implementing

  • 1. More enviromental damage.

    In the upcoming maps more of this should be added. It just gives a sense of accomplishment when ur fighting 2 vs 1 or something and u manage to duel someone down and the other guy u kicked off a cliff or into spikes to finish him off quick. i love the arena map i think more maps should have a bit more enviromental damage. for example battlegrounds has tons of spiked stakes (wooden) and so does moor and yet you never see anyone getting kicked into those and dying. it would add more immersion to the game aswell as making the game more skillful and realistic. you gotta watch your back getting to close to some stuff in maps because their hazards. not only do u gotta worry about footwork, swinging and blocking, but u gotta worry about WHERE you are standing because some areas of battlefield are more dangerous then others. you can trick your opponent into backing up enough with wrong footwork and u can kick him in for a kill.

    2. Hit detectable blood stains and damage to armor:

    The damage to armor may be hard to implement for a bit, but hit detectable blood stains should be fairly easy.

    Basically right now “health” is displayed by how bloodied somebody is.

    I’m saying it would be cool if when you actually strike someone, a slash mark in blood could appear where you hit. and maybe even some gets on you (like in M&B when ur in a big battle u get covered in blood but its not yours)

    Also i’d love to see hits with blunt weapons dent in knight armour, leather armour tear from slashes, pieces of chain mail fall off. i could see that being harder to implement, but the most realistic battles possible would definitely be awesome for chivalry. make it really feel like a real battle with armor denting up helmets flying chain mail bits coming off blood pouring. would give the game a better sense of immersion.

    3. Couple ideas for improving swinging.

    First, fixing the attack direction alt button for the beta. People saying “hold down alt while swinging” to do it. I say, why not do it the much more obvious way:

    Leave all the attacks as they are, and now if you “push down” on the mouse wheel, u get the alt direction attack. and you shouldnt have to hold it. why should u have to hold 2 buttons to do an attack? it should just be 1 button, and that button should be on your mouse. If you play chivalry, that means: you have a mouse, with a mouse wheel. That means it has the following buttons:

    LMB - Swing from right
    RMB -Block
    Mouse Wheel Up - Thrust
    Mouse Wheel Down - Overhead Swing

    Now, absolutely, EVERYONE who is capable of that, can also push the “Mouse Wheel In”. Why hold alt and push LMB, it should be

    LMB - Swing from Right
    Mouse Wheel pushed in - Swing from left
    Mouse Wheel rolled up - Thrust
    Mouse Wheel rolleed own - Overheard
    RMB - Block

    not “push alt on keyboard (awkward place) and then push another button” make it 1 button, put it on the mouse, no holding no buttons down, just a quick and simple mouse button like it should be.

    And one more thing i thought of, was

    Why not be able to hold a wind up?

    I mean, holding the attack button, and your person winds up, and keep holding it, and stays wound up until released.

    It wouldnt take away from what the game already has, but it would also give you more control over your person and im sure it would make you FEEL like you have alot more control over you character. You can release when you want, holding it an extra second if you need, or hold it before charging in.

    I cant see there being any issue here, some people will say “it would take away from game pace” or “the thing about chivalry is all about timing of windup/release this would screw it up” but, seriously…

    Think, first off, most battles would be the exact same anyway, but sometimes i feel like i just dont have enough control. Its a small element that would add alot im sure to fights. If you “hold down” attack rather then just click, you can hold it for a second to wait for your opponent to finish his swing and then move in and release 1 time, no need to build up the whole wind up first. also instead of having to plan your moving in on someone with your wind up/attack release everytime (though 90% of the time im sure it would be the same way) you can hold it to release as you get into range.

  • I think you’re going to like the two upcoming maps. You can kick people into lava, into traps, and in front of rolling boulders ;)

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