[Junk] clan

  • Dunno should I post this to the clan section or here, but I entered an Official LTS server 24p and there were 4 members of this [JunK] clan. Immediately after spawning I get a kickvote and some dude kills me, and then the members from Mason teams say that they don’t like me TK’ing. Anyway, to you junkie fellas, get your own frigging server and don’t do this sh!t on the official servers.

    Thank you.

  • Hi there. If you encounter any issues on any official servers, join our steam group:


    And post a discussion on there, or if one of the mods are online, you can contact us (or join the chat room). I try to be in the chatroom whenever I’m available. And if people are abusing the system, we can go in and check it out.

    But if you encounter any HACKERS on ANY server, then contact us as well.


  • Sorry for reanimating this old thread. But… to those two trolls from this clan who thought it would be funny to talk bullshit and kick some of our members from a public server:
    If you read this… Don’t do this ever again. Challenge us for (another) scrim if you have a problem with us. But don’t talk big on public like that, thanks.

  • We have a troll clan down here too. Called [TOBY].

    They are banned from pretty much all servers except the official ones. One of them has been perma banned 3 times. That’s 3 copies of the game.

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