Campain-like Multiplayer?

  • Greetings,

    my first post! Yeah!

    Are you (the devs) planning to add an campain-like multiplayer? Could be similar to the cRPG Mod for Mount & Blade. So you choose your side permanently and battle for holdings and castles against the other team. The more holdings and castles your team has, the more benefits your team will get (better siegeweapons, more money for buying gear,…). All the holdings and castles are listed on a map which can be viewed ingame (or maybe in the browser) and from there you choose where you want to fight.

    Hope you understand my idea, my english is pretty bad.

  • your english is fine, i didn’t think you spoke english as a second language until you mentioned it. This was talked about ages ago, about having a persistent world where the different kingdoms conquer maps and have to fight to defend them. Unfortunately this idea was shot down as this game really wouldn’t support it the way the devs are creating the maps, but that won’t stop someone from modding it.

  • Thanks for your response! So my idea will be modable? Nice, this kind of answered my next question how modable the game will be.

    Hopefully someone can make this possible, would be awesome!

  • Actually, Dr_Cox, You probably wouldn’t miss that kind of immersion :) But we must wait a little bit longer…to slay that treacherous mason swines burning people alive and slaying poor, defenceless peasants.

  • What is a peasant but a person to be slain?

  • Is a person to be protected, as every innocent life should be. Masons are not innocent at all…so they will all be slain :F

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