High ping,please help !

  • Ok since i got this game i have had this problem,My ping is never under 80,and that’s only if i am lucky to find a server under 120 ping,when i refresh the server list and set it to sort by ping i get a few servers under 100 and the rest are 150+.
    I thought it was my old PC,so yesterday i bought a new one,but the problem persists.
    Please help,it’s really ruining my gaming experience,although i am a 30 rank player.

  • Your ping relates how fast you receive a response from a query you send out, thus relating to network transfer speed. When this is slow, it results in client lag in-game. A new PC wouldn’t solve this issue, as it does not effect the speed of transmitted data over a network (internet).

    Are you running DSL?
    Low wireless signal?
    Lots of connections on your LAN using up bandwidth?

    Try visiting speedtest.net and posting your results.

  • http://www.speedtest.net/result/2407181127.png
    I just did a speed test,everything seems pretty normal to me…

  • pings of 150 are normal for me, you are lucky to get lower

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