How to get better performance

  • Hi,

    I’ve got an Intel Core 2 QUAD CPU, with 4gb of RAM and a pair of NVIDIA 560TI GPU in SLI mode and was very dissappointed when was getting unplayable FPS below 20. SLI is making things worse since it has no support whatsoever so better run in SINGLE card.

    What changed everything is when I switched to SOLID STATE HARD DRIVE. now I get a solid 60-90 fps. Note that I have no longer have mechanical drive, not just the game is on solid state but also windows 7.

    FPS slows down when I get to a 40 people server but even then the framerate is smooth but slow (not choppy like it was before), you can tell the GPU is really being pushed to its limits, howerver a 30 people server is more than enough for the kind of maps this game has to offer so its no big deal and at 30 people server, the game runs silky smooth :)

    by the way, congrats on INDIE GAME OF 2012, you deserve it!

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