Game will not launch

  • I purchased the game last week on Steam. Every time I try to launch the game I get the following error: “Failed to Start game (unknown error)”

    Computer specs:
    CPU: AMD FX™-8120 Eight-Core Processor
    Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series
    Memory: 8 GB

    I have checked “Verify Integrity of game cache” and that was ok. .
    I have deleted “My Documents/My Games/Chivalry Medieval Warfare” folder. And that didn’t fix problem.

    I tried to start the game by directly running UDK.exe. But received error. (see attachment called error).

    I’ve attached the latest error log.

  • Is anyone going to help me? Otherwise I want my money back. I haven’t been able to play this game.

  • Hi ajt,

    Please attach your Launch.log and DxDiag.txt in a reply here.

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