Combat mechanics

  • Hi guys, I just stumbleupon’d a video of chivalry, and was very very impressed. I think it has the potential to push beyond pc gaming to the now undeniably huge console market. I know there are limitations as a lesser known developer, and to be honest im looking forward to what you do with chivalry 2 once you get the masses on the bandwagon. Either way, here is my suggestion for the finished version of chivalry based on what i saw in the video. A huge aspect of the combat im seeing that is missing in ALL games is a situation-based collision detection system.(im not a developer or computer whiz by any means so pardon any inncorrect terminology). what i mean is. I want my knives to go in my enemy. i want stabbing, in which pulling my weapon out of my enemy takes time, putting me at risk. i want visibly battered armor, i want to feel as though i am damaging my enemy. limbs should weaken as they take blows, chainmail should split when slashed, and plate armour should bend, dent, and crumple. it sounds messed up, but for once i want to swing a two handed sword or axe so hard into my enemies gut, it gets stuck. that is what would happen in reality, so thats what i want to see, without some silly cinematic in-game cutscene (ala skyrim or fallout) realism is no longer just an aspect of gaming. It is the source of the fun, WHEN PROPERLY EXECUTED. for example, in gta 4 the cars drove too realisticly, sluggish, and there was backlash against it, as the fun decreased. whereas, in the case of forza motorsport 4, the heightened level of realism combined with a speedy delivery and engine, for the first time in almost any game ive played, completely changed my view of the genre of game, and sold me immediately. Applying these dynamics to a melee situation (especially first person) would be daunting, and require extensive research and programming and im sure would go way beyond the scope of what I understand as far as game development. nonetheless, despite my layman-level knowledge, my awareness of what i want as a true lover of games is very well-honed, and this is what i see this particular game raising the bar with, if not in this first iteration, hopefully in your next project. bottom line: DO IT BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE DOES. Thanks, and i look forward to playing!

  • Hello :)

    As far as we all know, there is no weapon stucking in armor, but Tibberius mentioned something noone would expect, so it may be it :)
    Consoles…meh…no mouse…meh…

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