Better Stamina Usage

  • Suggestion:

    The Stamina cost of subsequent melee attacks that miss increases with each swing. Drained stamina reduces attack speed and adds flinch to any hit taken.

    Currently, it takes 10 melee swings in a row to run out of stamina, at which point you can keep swinging anyway.

    I suggest an increasing stamina use of 50% of base use for every swing in a row that misses.


    Swing 1: 10% Stamina cost. Swing 2: 10% Stamina cost. Swing 3: 10% Stamina cost. Swing 4: 10% stamina cost. Etc…


    Swing 1: 10% Stamina cost. Swing 2: 15% stamina cost. Swing 3: 20% Stamina cost. Swing 4: 25% stamina cost. Swing 5: 30% Stamina cost - Enter exhausted state. Your swings are slower, “tired”, and you flinch on any hit taken until you get back to 50% stamina.

    Any hit that CONNECTS with an enemy (not ally) during this time resets the increase. POSSIBLY Any hit that CONNECTS with an Ally drains extra stamina.

    Result of this change is to punish thoughtless left click spam, reward good timing and range judgement.

    Other possible changes are to have different stamina cost for different weapon types or simply have stamina cost scale with damage.

  • It takes 10 swings in a row for one handed weapons. Two handed weapons drain 20 stamina per swing. On top of that, combos cost 10 stamina per swing - and that applies whether you hit or miss. So with a two handed weapon, missing a 2-hit combo costs half your stamina already (2 swings at 20 stamina each, one combo at 10 stamina). Add to that the additional costs of feinting and blocking, and you’re already pretty penalized for spamming in combat. Once you’re out of stamina, you cannot combo, feint, sprint, dodge, or jump, and blocking an attack stuns you as if you were kicked.

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