Server side persistent map - multiplayer

  • Chivalry is so immersive i love being in the thick of battle but the round end is a sudden jolt and ends the immersion. What would be great is for that immersion to continue. It would be great if the round result meant something. It would be great if the round result was reflected somewhere and persisted, like a web page, or a map even or a persistent map.

    Chivalry needs a multiplayer campaign map with ‘nodes’ connected together on a fancy medieval map where each node represents a battle map. As players win or lose rounds the map in game (or even on a web site) changes to show that win/lose. Towns can turn blue or red and a battle front line can form across the map. Agathans and Masons can battle for towns (standard mplayer maps) over days, weeks and months and a town can change ownership many times.

    Some mechanics will need to be worked out. Players will want to join any team at any point so lets not lock in loyalties. The map mechanics will need some thought. How will owning a town impact gameplay? You dont want to use some sort of ingame buff because ppl will simply switch to the winning team and get that buff. Maybe there is a linear path between towns so to get to your favourite map you need to push the front line back (or forward) to that town before it becomes a ‘fightable’ town. If there are multiple paths to a point how does that impact on map selection? Perhaps the server will map cycle all maps that are in contention or on the front line. This will mean some maps will be played more than others.

    I’d like to see some server side persistence so that winning or losing a round actually means something. I’d like to feel like i’m marching across thousands of miles travelIng on some crusade and slowlly conquering (or losing) someone’s homeland one grim battle at a time. Thoughts?

  • Nice idea…
    Some persistence would be awesome but I do think the devs have a lot more on their plate at the moment.

  • Take the birds eye view if you want to start a fire. You dont seem like no twisted animator to me, so im gonna say leave those questions to the big boys coming in to mod the shit out of this game!

  • Mod tools will come, patience my friend. :)

  • +1 for this

  • You’ve been playing Planetside 2 I think :P (If not, well that game has much of what you described).

    Anyway, yeah I think that would be an awesome idea!

  • @ReMixx:

    Mod tools will come, patience my friend. :)

    I certainly hope so! A server/client mod API would be sweet.

  • +1
    Do want persistence

  • I do believe that something like this is in the works in the competitive community. It may not be directly linked to a server but the servers participating will play maps in correspondence to an online map currently being developed. Don’t take my word on this however, as i have only heard of this from other people talking about it.

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