I tried everything, still no servers ( NEED HELP)

  • hello, ive tried the official fix for servers and so on, nothing worked, i cant play multiplayer, and my zone alarm and firewall aint blocking anything, i get no servers, i just played war of the roses, worked perfectly and so does any other game i play,
    but cant get any servers on chivalry. i need help here, payed for a game i cant play.

    when i go steam - view- servers - favorites (cause in chiverly i added to favorties the blank spots in server list, to see if it worked) - i see ip adresses and it says server not responding

  • Try deleting C:\Users*YOU*\Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare delete the whole folder, worked for me.

  • YOU ARE MY HERO!! plz post it so everybody else knows! thx a million times!

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