Banned from my own server, and stuck that way.

  • While in game, I accidentally hit up arrow and entered the command “reconnect” in console. Game locked up so I typed Disconnect, and then waiting for about twenty seconds typed reconnect. Waited for a few mins and game was frozen so I did end task.

    Now I keep getting the error “IP banned from current game session” , map changes, server restarts, cleared out the entire ban list in UDK Game.ini , nothing. And my ID was NOT in the ban list either, I just resetted everything to be safe. Nada.

    Whats going on?

    I was not banned, this is my server.

  • Wow. Impressive. :P

    You trying to connect via the in game browser - or directly through console? (e.g. open <ip>)

    if you have the server running in logging mode does it attempt to make a connection (e.g. see any text scroll?) or not?

    I’m curious if its just giving you that message because its failing to connect… I’ve had random error messages when tinkering with server setup for whatever reason…


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