Western Australia ping issues

  • Hey guys,

    (Firstly I’d like to warn that I don’t know much about computers at all! ><)

    I have pretty high ping in all servers, even Australian servers which are the only ones I join. I display the servers by lowest to highest ping and the lowest I ever find is 90-100 which happen to be empty duel servers with 8 slots. Then comes the duel servers with people in them where it says I’ll have a ping of 120 and when I get in I’ll have a ping of around 130. In the larger team objective servers I’ll get 140-170. Most players in the server will have pings from 20-60.

    I can run the game perfectly on the highest settings without any frame rate issues so I’m almost certain it’s not my computer. The problems I have are the usual associated with high ping such as seeing someone that looks far out of reach swing at me but it still hits me, etc.

    I live in Western Australia so I’ve been going under the assumption that my ping issues are due to the servers being based in the East. Would this be the reason?

    Also are there any other players in WA having the same issue?

    (edit: after more thought I do oten get ping even higher than what I mentioned earlier. For example right now the lowest ping I can get in a server is 170.)

  • I have the same ping too.

    comes with living in WA,

    you can either put up with it,
    or move over east.

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