Teamkilling… Awesome

  • My experience from a teamkiller today, having only played this game for about 6 hours so far i love it but this isnt a very pleasant experience for a new player. one “ramrodicus” on spawn kicked me off the edge of a cliff, when i asked why he said it was an accident, he’s so sorry, he then proceeds to attack and kill me over and over, hitting me in the back while im fighting or just killing me in spawn, i assumed after the 4th or 5th tk he would get autokicked or something but no. I ask for a votekick on the tker and he proceeds to votekick me, everyone on the server blindly punching in yes and banning me from official classic server #13. what the f*#$@ just happened?

  • i went back to the server and later found out he had been teamkilling for the better part of an hour, we proceeded to votekick him but he would leave everytime before the countdown finished and just rejoin, generally being an annoying douche. is there any way to prevent this?

  • Teamkilling is pretty rampant in this game, and I’m not talking about accidental. A lot of times teamkillers will attack you, or flat out kill you and then if you retaliate they start a votekick on you and say that you’re TKing and you’re usually kicked. It’s pretty annoying tbh.

    The other thing with TKers is the end of the round TKs, why is this considered acceptable behavior? I know that personal score doesn’t and shouldn’t matter especially in team objective games but winning a round and then your own team killing you is ridiculous and not fun/jarring, especially for new players.

  • There are griefers in every game, I’m not sure why you’re so surprised that they’re here too.

    In Chivalry, they team kill. In Call of Duty, they aimbot, etc etc. It’s as if nobody has figured out that the official servers are more/less un-administered, and that private servers generally hold a better crowd due to being watched over.

    When I’m not playing, usually I’m still a spectator in my server with the console up, just to keep an eye on anyone ruining gameplay.

  • @Frettchen7:

    Great plug. This man speaks the truth! Us mods are waiting and willing to catch griefers, hackers, and exploiters. Our group is open to the public, so join it and get instant access to someone who can quickly jump into a game and get things sorted out. (Click my sig for details).

  • Yeah I have noticed people apologize for what was surely intentional. Quite a few times I’ve seen people just randomly go up to a team mate and kill him (nowhere near enemies) and then say “sorry” in the chat and then do it again to someone else.

    I’ve made a few unfair teamkills where I’ll do something like a spear stab and my teammate standing out of view to my right and slightly behind me suddenly dies from it (and then types “noob TKer” or something in chat). I have no idea how that looked on his screen but he didn’t even appear anywhere near my weapon on my screen. It’s like just for that moment my spear hitbox decided to be the size of a bus.

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