Serious Knockback

  • It would be cool if when a Player gets hit hard enough or is near death and gets kicked they should fall down , falling on they’re back or stomach, rolling around on the wet, bloody ground groaning for help, after awhile, They would recover, and Teammates can help them up, But when they recover (getting up) Or get helped up they start with like 10 HP. When someone is on the ground rolling around, they are hard to see. Serious Knockback is VERY rare. If someone is on the ground, They;re oppenent can finish them off (which they would probaly do) Unless the Man that got hit and had serious knockback crawled away into a hiding spot to recover .

  • I was thinking about something like this not long ago after trying to work out what makes killing an enemy in a game so much like jumping on a mushroom in mario.

    Having a player on the ground in pain, unable to fight, but able to move, almost brings a level of character to the players. When you wound your opponent, he may beg for mercy, or just try to crawl away before you put your sword through his throat.

    Sounds kind of sadistic however, and many would question the reason for a feature like that being in a game :P

  • It sounds like you want to add a downed state to the game. I don’t think this would be very fun, from the point of view of the powerless player forced to cry out for help and crawl around.
    This is more about knock_down_ than knockback, which we will have to some extent with kicking and shield bashing.

  • I think this sounds cool…Just so I can pick em off with my bow more easily :o :P :D

  • Forgooten, you should know lying target is MUCH harder to hit.
    I personally like the idea, its something like in War Of The Roses, but in that game animation of knight sitting on a defenceless victim, hitting with dagger or something three times at the head and then slowly getting up is just…silly. I would prefer one clean cut or stab. Standing. Still, idea of crawling out of the fight, loosing main weapon and rest of dignity, then going back to fight with a little of health and dirt all over the armor, entertains me.

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