Tug-of-war Team Objective mode

  • I love Team Objective mode, but I was wondering if there was a way to go a bit further using a tug-of-war type backward and forward taking of objectives.

    Each successful objective taken by the attackers moves on to the next, but each successful objective defended by the defenders pushes it back to the previous objective. The first objective being in the middle.

    An example scenario for this could be attackers trying to storm a castle but defenders trying to push them back to the shores and destroy their ships. Lets say there are 5 objective locations:

    Shores < Forest <battlegrounds>Castle Grounds > Throne Room</battlegrounds>

    Both teams start from Battlegrounds (objective could just be a TDM scenario). If attackers win it moves to Castle Grounds, if defenders win it moves to Forest. Each objective won pushes it towards the next objective for that team.

    Attackers win overall if they complete their final objective of killing the king in the Throne Room but defenders win overall if they complete their final objective of sinking the ships at the Shores.

  • Yup, this is what i want…

  • Sounds good to me

  • Already suggested this.
    I Would love to see this.
    Also, now there is a map with the objective to kill Malric, the ships dont have to be the final.

  • +1

  • +1

  • I love this idea very much, i think it would be cool to have something like a cart that either team can push, and whoever gets it to the other teams end or at the end of the game whoever has it further toward the other side wins.

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