How to turn off this bloody effect + newbie questions

  • Hello,

    I must admit I really liked Chivalry at first, but the further you go the more complex game becomes once you discover new things.

    First of all I’m wondering if it’s possible to turn off this effect when your character is nearly dead, the bloody “fog” covering screen. I find it very annoying and would love to get rid of it.

    What determines if your attack is cancelled or not? I’ve noticed that sometimes hitting someone or getting hit cancels attack and sometimes doesn’t. Is there like strict rule, like attack is 90% way to guy’s head and won’t be cancelled or something?
    I know that for instance as a knight I can go for trade with archer, but am not sure when trade can be actually done without my attack being cancelled.

    What does this: Aoc_drawtracer 1 command do? Is it enabled or disabled by default? I think instead of 1 or 0 value it has boolean ture/false value now or something like that. I tried setting both values 1 and 0 and haven’t noticed anything new or different.

  • Attacks are cancelled if you’re hit during the windup phase of an attack (the bit where you ready your weapon to strike). If you’re hit during release (the bit where you’re weapon in is momentum and causes damage) then you won’t be flinched.

    aoc_drawtracer 1 shows weapon traces, or should.

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