Damage report?

  • Could we get a post death damage report?

    “wounded player1 with 80 damage in 2 hits”
    “Killed player2 with 110 damage in 3 hits”

    “player2 wounded you for 60 damage in 1 hit”
    “player 1 Killed you with 50 damage in 1 hit”

    something like this^

  • +1, but I would like it to be optional.

  • Ehhh… maybe displaying this information in the console. I have no idea who would want that to flash on their screen.

  • console implementation might be cool, definitely not on screen though since i dont think this is a game where damage numbers onscreen seem appropriate

  • Well if you happen to be an admin on a server, you can use the

    aoc_showdamage true

    console command to have damage values show up next to players… Not extremely useful, but … yeah. :)

    Btw, that causes everyone on the server to see the damage values, not just you.

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