Mapping and ideas

  • As some of you may know I have about 6 custom map conversions I am trying to finish up and release before the new game release. I also have an idea for a new map but running into some technical hurdles in making it a possibility but the idea might go well for the new game. So here it is:

    Basically there are two possibilities for this map as far as how it plays. One is kind of a race and the other is just a straight up battle. The map is set on the ocean as the Mason order and Agathia are on their way to foreign lands to concur and they run across each other on the open sea. The ships would have to be large like the one in aoc_victory, maybe larger so that it could fit at lease 12 player a side.

    If it is a race to lands then the map would start out in a fog bank on two ships as the approach each other out of the fog bank and would run parallel to each other. Many medieval ships had large towers at both ends of the ships for siege and defense. I have many ideas here for catapults, ballistas, and even late century primitive cannons. I like the idea of having hook ladders so that when the ships get close you would lower ladders across and be able to get to the other ship. There is the possibility of ropes and maybe manipults to get players across. The ships could also be sinkable, and repairable. In the race scenario, masts could be lowered and raised for speed control but could make you vulnerable to attack from the rear with catapults. The map would be long and just wide enough for the ships to sail through. Objectives could be to race to the island, sink enemy ship, raise your flag on enemy ship. Defensive Objectives would be to out run enemy ship, repair ship, fight off take over.

    The other scenario would be a straight up confrontation where the ships basically play chicken running head to head then spiral into each other over several passes till they get locked together with hook ladders and the one that either sinks the other ship or raises their flag/flags win. The hook ladders could also be destroyable similar to the bridge on aoc_darkforest.

    Some other ideas would be to have ropes to swing over but not sure how the programing and design would be. Make the ships actually steerable instead of on a hidden preplanned route like current siege towers. This of course could make the map rather huge but skybox and ocean shouldn’t be too hard to render, the trick is the water. Should I make it actual water which would be flat, calm and expensive to render or should I make it like land all hilly but make a water texture for the surface?

    I think this map has some serious possibilities for lots of fun for projectiles and melee, knocking people off the ships and die if they cannot get back on board in time via rope ladders off the sides or wonder out of a ship radius. It could be possible to also add a few small sail boats that could also cross to the other ship for siege or to pick up the over board.

    Well that is it. Let me know what ya think.
    I will try and release my other maps as soon as they are playable and the bugs are worked out of the objectives.

  • You would have to make falling off one of the ships an instant death as I’m sure none of the classes, excluding the archers and possibly the lightest armored man at arms, would be able to swim due to armor.

    Expanding on that thought…. there are a lot of fully armored knights swimming around already… lol

  • Yeah I had thought about that as well and would make one less thing I would have to over come.

  • … well awesome idea
    hope u gonna make it one day srsly. wanna be one of the first that try that XD

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