Server browser issue (not the common one with the fix)

  • Hello! been enjoying chivalry recently, went back home for christmas and internet there is non existant so havnt been able to play, just got back to uni, desperate as anything to get back into the game and it has just started not showing any servers except one beta server with no one in. I did recently install the beta update so don’t know if its set to only search for them or something? any help would be appreciated thankyou! :D

  • I just got the game and on my first day I could get a server list. Then it disappeared.

    i tried the solution of deleting masterserver2; that worked once, now it doesn’t.

    i downloaded the masterserver2 file, that did nothing.

    i turned on the steam beta, also did nothing.

    i’ve read people talking about using the steam server list; i’ve never done it and don’t see any instructions on how to launch the game that way.

    i get the impression that there’s a known issue that isn’t always resolvable? i’m confused by the sometimes-works, sometimes-doesn’t, but now…i can’t find any way to start the game. i’ve also disabled all virus software. help?

  • George, you need to opt out of the beta. It will be about a 1 gb dl to get the game back to the normal version.

    1. Right click on Chiv:MW in your Steam library
    2. Navigate to the Beta tab
    3. Opt out of the beta

    @Moe,Try First I’d try this
    The video shows you to check your server filters and ensure the game speed is 100%.

    If not then try,

    deleting C:\Users*YOU*\Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare
    delete the whole folder

    And don’t opt into beta, it will only show beta servers, and currently the beta servers are down.

  • ok doing it now thankyou :)

  • yeah has worked thankyouu!

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