Lifetime stats

  • One thing i would love to see in this game is permanent tracking of your stats, thinks like kdr lifetime kills, average kills per game, ect. Having scores broken down by class weapon type or even each weapon would be wonderful. I think that this would be really cool to see in order to track your improvement, and your proficiency with different classes.

  • I’m afraid a permanent record of k/d ratios would make people too concerned about dying. That’s a serious problem on attack/defend maps because it makes people afraid to go for the objective, since they’re likely to die.

    When people value their K/D more than winning the game it’s a serious problem, and that’s what ends up happening with permanent game stats. For example, in Battlefield 3 and TF2

  • well kdr was just an example, a simple solution to people being scared of dying is to have kdr only count on game modes based on getting kills(ffa and tdm). you could even track things like total distance of pushables pushed to promote going for the objective.

  • Killstreaks and objective completion stats are great. Anything that discourages you from running to your glorious death is not.

  • I would like this too, but only for dueling mode servers and possibly LTS.

  • yeah different stats for different game modes would be a lot better since in things like team death match kda matters a lot more.

  • This was already suggested if you took the time to look past the first page…

  • Couldn’t care less about lifetime stats… When I’m playing I’m living for the moment, but maybe that’s only me 8-)

  • Ugh… stats tend to ruin the fun of games and make people play in ways that are less “risky” on their stats. As mentioned earlier; avoiding the objective to avoid risking deaths is a prime example.

    I like that this game is more old school with end of round stats only. if you have a bad game, you have a bad game. The slate is wiped clean next round. You don’t need to “make up” for your k/d or whatever next round, you can just laugh and shrug it off. :D

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