A couple of small ideas

  • I am sorry if some of these ideas have already been discussed, but I will try and be as detailed as I can as to differentiate my own ideas from others :P

    1. Strategists and Weapons Masters on the battlefield: The idea is to have some way of spending your hard-earned in-game currency on siege weapons or weapon improvements that help you or your team out in a battle or over a set period of time. Such as poison-tipped daggers that have a duration of draining Health from your enemy that you can purchase from a Weapons Master( or whoever would know how to do that kind of thing :P ) or purchasing a speed bonus from a Strategist to bolster your team’s movements in battle! That kinda thing. Obviously these ideas need some improvement if being taken seriously at all, but just an idea.

    2. Looting fallen players of their weapons and/or Equipment: This is pretty self-explanatory and I wouldn’t be surprised if this hasn’t been brought up, but say by chance you’ve beaten a player twice your level with the help of a friend, what if you could use their chestplate or take something from their dead body as a trophy of having beaten them(such as a ring, or coat of arms signia) and then it would be shown to the respawned player and he would have the opportunity to avenge his fallen comrade( his former life) and gain extra XP for taking out his Kin-Slayer(s).

    Those are the only two that come too mind, I hope they bring something new to the table! But this forums full of great ideas and people who support the game, so I won’t be surprised if it’s been discussed haha Can’t wait for the chance to play!

  • 1. there won’t be any type of ingame currency, also Torn Banner want to avoid giving more power to players already winning.

    2. it has been brought up before, but i forget why it was shot down.

  • Probably shot down because you don’t want some butt-holieo man at arms picking up my bow and automatically be trained as a professional archer, with a huge sword, and a bow, totally unfair.

  • Correct, Forgotten.

    Placeholder, also the first point was discussed, and devs are against boosting your team with anything - its not fantasy title. Also siege weapons would be available for person who chooses to use them at the moment - ie. u get to catapult and shoot it. Simple. No need to “points system” on that.

    I noticed nowadays young players needs achievements, trophies and that kind of shit to … i dont know… confirm their fighting abilities? For me enough reward is being good teammate, good fighter. But its just me.

    Oldtimer veteran ;)

  • @yush:

    For me enough reward is being good teammate, good fighter. But its just me.

    Oldtimer veteran ;)

    That is also my feeling about all this XP / levels / unlocks stuff.

    Not that it can’t be fun, but it sure is not necessary when you get your hands on a good game.
    And nothing like feeling to be part of the team the moment you know how to play “well”, not when you need shiny armor and ornate weapons to compete.

  • ^

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